Rental Fees
Quantity Type Apartments Persons sqm Prices
4x B 2-room apartment 1-2 34-38 48-56 Euro
3x C 3-room apartment 2-5 55-65 72-105 Euro
1x D 4-room apartment 2-5 70 72-105 Euro
All prices are valid per apartment and per night from a stay of at least 5 nights, additional the local visitor's tax, incl. the actual valid TVA of 7 %. During the peak travel season we do not rent our apartments less than 7 nights.

Cancellations are annoying for everyone and it’s a pity, when an apartment stays unoccupied, although someone else would have been happy to rent it. On the other hand, always something might happen, that could cause the cancellation of the reservation. To avoid disadvantages from cancellation, we recommend to effect a travel insurance at the ERV.