is located in the middle of the Hochschwarzwald (Upper Black Forest) near Titisee and Feldberg, the oldest and largest nature reserve in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. This self-willed and various landscape with large forest areas and upper meadows, numerous gorges and waterfalls, concealed cirque lakes and ponds, small and large mountain torrents, high moores and mountain tops with spectacular views even to the peaks of the Swiss Alps is a wonderful area for relaxation as well as for sportive and cultural activities. You will find there rare plants and animals and very interesting geological traces of the last Ice Age.

Not far from here you will find many scenic and cultural worthwhile excursion destinations like Freiburg, university town and cultural centre of the region Breisgau, with numerous witnesses of its Further Austrian history, the vineyards of Kaiserstuhl in the most sunny district of Germany, the Alsace, where French and German culture meet together, and Switzerland, where for example in Basel you may visit some important collections of art in Europe.
Impressions from the environment